Known also as " the house of the perspiration ", his literal meaning in Nahuatl it is " the house of the bath ", of teme,  bathe, and cali, house.

    The Temazcal with his form of igloo represents to the maternal belly of the mother ground and somehow what is experienced is a renaissance.



    The steam baths have been used by many cultures; for example the Scandinavians, Turks, African; where they were covered with plants and were exhibited to the sun during long time to sweat, or the Roman empire meeting the tall officials to take important political decisions. but the indigenous Middle American culture is the one that has given him a more spiritual meaning.







      The sauna differs for his high temperature and minor moisture. The high temperature of the Temazcal does that the body sweats, the moisture does not allow that the perspiration should evaporate, for what the system of self-regulation of the body (sympathetic and parasympathetic system) answers (homeostasis) accelerating the circulation and sweating moreover for what the elimination of toxins happens to the maximum, inclusive moreover that doing any exercise.

    The Temazcal used medically to been wonderful in the treatment of feminine disorders as the infertility, pregnancy, postpregnancy, purification and fluid of the maternal milk as well as to recover the steadfastness of the skin, which are related to the internal cold. The Temazcal provokes heat in the ovaries, horns of Falopio and womb and incites the hormonal system.

    The Temazcal helps to the elimination of uric acid, lactic acid and in general it balances the Ph; acidic - alkaline of the blood and  contributes to the elimination of heavy metals that are absorbed in the modern societies; Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Lead etc.

    The nature of our body raises the temperature to fight virus and bacteria. The high temperatures also facilitate the revitalization and cellular repair.

    The Temazcal stimulates to the glandular system, in particular to the pineal and pituitary glands known as the main glands, since they govern the glandular activity of the whole body; thyroid gland, hormonal, sexual etc. and "by chance" for the oriental ones these glands are the seat of the soul.

    One of the systems that are stimulated in the Temazcal is the lymphatic one. The Lymphatic System is one of the persons in charge of the cleanliness and treatment of the body, Hipócrates was referring to how " the white blood " and Aristóteles as a colorless liquid who was traveling in parallel with the blood stream. The case is that the lymphatic system performs supreme importance for his depurative function for the body.




    The steam that takes place is produced of the water thrown in the volcanic stones to the red alive one the Temazcal creates a very abundant ionization of negative load inside. We obtain the vitality of the air neither of the atoms of oxygen nor of the nitrogen, but of the ions, minuscule and extremely active molecular fragments with negative load equivalent to that of an electron.

    The high presence of negative ions does that the aura expands and is evident radiantly in all the functions of the body including the brain. The aura  is who directed the construction of the body in which we live and who supports it working. The Temazcal propitiates that this intelligence áurica regenerates the body.





Precios de Temazcal

$ 150 pesos por persona

(mínimo 4 personas - máximo 7)





 Calzada La Quinta # 82  LA GARITA  





  10 TO 20 HOURS



         Preparation:  (one hour)

         Temazcal:      (two hours)

         Bring towel and drinking water

         NO RITUAL




























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